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Tips To Measure Overall Boat For Transport

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The cost of the boat and yacht transportation is partially dependent on the size of the boat and will be determined by the measurements of your boat loaded on the trailer. So it is your responsibility to provide accurate dimensions of your boat before hiring a boat transporter.

Boat Measurement

Most boat transporters don’t carry proper tools, supplies, and equipment to prepare the vessel for transport. First of all, don’t be confused between boat transporters and boat preparation experts. Both are different but one important thing that makes them almost similar that boat drivers might know how to prepare a boat properly while boat preparation experts don’t know how to haul the boat.

Sometimes boat transporters do both the job, they prepare the boat as well as transport the boat but without including this cost in his boat quote.

Before knowing the boat measurement tips, know the part of the boat:

  • The Front of a Boat: Bow
  • The rear of a Boat: Stern
  • The left side of the Boat: Port
  • The right side of a Boat: Starboard
  • The main body of a Boat: Hull
  • Rotates and powers a Boat Forward and Backward: Propeller

Now come to the tips to measure the boat:
1-Overall length measured from the tip of the boat (bow) to the center of the boat (stern).

2-Overall Height is measured from the bottom of the keel(main centerline or backbone of a vessel)to the highest non-removable part of the boat.

3-The beam(width of the boat) is measured from the widest point of the boat, including the rub-rail( boat rub rails to help you protect your hull against damaging elements).

Follow legal loaded height of your vessel. If you don’t know about legal height of your boat and are not being possible to know. Don’t worry ourexpert transporters will help you out. Oversize load permit will require if your boat is over the required size.

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